El raro chinche de las marismas Teratocoris antennatus (Boheman, 1852) (Hemiptera, Miridae), nueva especie para Portugal




Palabras clave:

Chinches de las plantas, míridos, Ria de Aveiro, marismas, humedales, faunística, Península Ibérica


Ria de Aveiro costal lagoon is a socio-ecological system framed between the land and the sea. The lagoon is embedded in a biodiversity rich landscape mosaic comprising beaches, dunes, sandflats, mudflats, seagrasses, and small water channels, and is one of the largest saltmarsh areas in Portugal and in Europe, supporting coastal food webs and providing nursery areas for several species. Despite being a Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) site and integrating the Natura 2000 network, few systematic studies have been carried on its entomofauna. In this work, field collections were carried in seven locations along Ria de Aveiro saltmarsh areas by sweep-netting the dominating halophyte vegetation in September 2020. From these collections, Teratocoris antennatus (Boheman, 1852), a rare marsh bug, is reported for the first time for Portugal.


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Santos V, Dioli P, Prado e Castro C, Ameixa OM. El raro chinche de las marismas Teratocoris antennatus (Boheman, 1852) (Hemiptera, Miridae), nueva especie para Portugal. Graellsia [Internet]. 26 de abril de 2023 [citado 29 de febrero de 2024];79(1):e185. Disponible en: https://graellsia.revistas.csic.es/index.php/graellsia/article/view/717




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